Philosophy | Poetry

I stand at a point in time

To see where this road leads me

Where is the end of the it?

What is life all about?

Am I just a speck in the cosmos

Or something more special

A being of great potential

Life is filled with great mysteries

I cannot fathom all the answers to it

It is difficult to master the art of living

How to live well and be a conqueror

When all I see is chaos and uncertainty

Where am I in the sea full of lost souls?

Powerful currents of passion pull me

Where do i turn to, where is the key?

To unlock all the answers that I seek

Will I get swept by the current

Or set myself free from the shackles

This leviathan I have to defeat furiously

The veil that covers the light I seek

Blinding light to lead me where I want to be


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