Define Yourself.

Three words, one simple question. Who am I? It makes us think again and again. Who am I? It is a question that for me is the first step before one asks the most difficult questions in life. To reflect and ponder it takes a reasonable amount of effort. As we have discussed in the previous meetup, identity is one of those things that brings a variety of perspectives from different people. Thinking about all the things that were discussed, one particular word strikes a meaning for me: “Definition”.

Specifically the phrase: “What you do defines you.” It has an impact for me because in our society today, our actions determine how people view us, regardless of how different we see ourselves from other people. Social media and the internet has given us a medium in which we can show a different part of ourselves to other people. Whether that side would be met by approval or disapproval, their opinions give weight on how we regard ourselves. I believe I see a society that’s emboldened by technology where people have more influence in determining one’s identity. Our actions whether we think we do it independently has been influenced by the environment and other people. Especially in the world of social media, we are eager to do things that would please the people who view our profiles. Eager to show the ideal image of a happy and perfect you. At the same time, i can’t help but ask this question: Is it really the best situation for people to wear masks? One that can be changed according to different people? To be honest is a noble virtue, but is it the best thing people should do?

Lastly, i want to reflect on how our identity is intertwined with our happiness. I have read more on the life of Jean Michel Basquiat. An American artist that was brought up during the discussion. He was defined by his mentor Andy Warhol as a great artist. But he wasn’t that happy with the identity and recognition he achieved. For me happiness is the gauge of how sure one is of his/her identity. Happiness that comes from being genuine and truthful to yourself. I think being able to love one’s self could really bring a boost to many people. With this I have one final question. Is it possible for someone to achieve that state of happiness of being true and sure of oneself? Can we ever be 100% sure of what our real identity is?

I’m going to end my post with a quote from the artist we have discussed. Fitting on how I should view my personal identity.

¨Happiness will find you when you stop hiding.¨- Jean Michel Basquiat


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